Podiatrist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Medical Director, Lecturer


Weisz has counseled many shoe manufacturers including leading military shoe manufacturers. In addition to that, he is the Chairman of the Ministry of Health Podiatry advisory board.

Diabetic foot

Every 20 seconds somewhere in the world someone loses a leg due to the complications of diabetes. Global prevalence of diabetic foot varies between:
3% (Oceania) to 13% (N.America)

Diabetes is a common and serious global health problem, It is estimated that currently some 422 million people worldwide, or more than 9% of the adult population, have diabetes and that this will increase to 642 million, or 10%, by 2040. One out of two goes undiagnosed with diabetes.

Currently, we manage latest state-of-the-art treatments – with a special focus on High risk patients experiencing foot ulcers and other complications. Daniel A. Weisz provides these patients with treatments that are used to prevent foot amputation. Seeing 95% of his vascular related ulcer patients and 76% of the severe diabetic foot ulcer patients returned to a healthy state – without amputation.


  • 1997 – to date
    Founder & Medical Director of Foot & Wound Treatment Centers: Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and London.

    Medical director of the Military Foot Clinic​.

    Founder and President of the Israel Podiatrists and Chiropodists Association.

    Private Practice, London.​

    Chief podiatrist of Maccabi NHS.
  • 2015 - to date
    Chairman – Ministry of Health Podiatry advisory board
  • 2009 - 2010
    Medical Advisory board for BST technology

    Medical Director – Teva Naot shoes industry
  • 1998 - 2004
    Manager of Foot & Wound Treatment – Bikur- Cholim Medical Centre
  • 1996 - 1997
    St Leonards Hospital - Primary Care Centre​
  • 1994 - 1997
    Podiatry clinic - University clinic​

Weisz is the founder and medical director of Wisefeet – Foot and Wound Treatment Centers in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and London. The Wisefeet Foot and Wound Treatment Clinic in Jerusalem makes use of advanced technologies to provide the best solutions for all pathological conditions of the feet.
The Foot and Wound Treatment Centre proposes a variety of advanced treatments to put you on your feet.

lectures & teachings

Well-known requested lecturer from Childhood to Senior citizens and pre-military cadets.

Establishing the first Middle East Podiatry school.

Had lectured at Tel Aviv University in physiotherapy postgraduate school. Had also lectured at the nursing school in Bikur Holim medical centre, Jerusalem and at Shelem College.

what is invertex?

Weisz is the owner, co-partner & chief medical advisor of INVERTEX. Invertex, founded in 2014, combines AI and 3D tech for scan-to-fit guided. Invertex leverages 3D scanning to allow a customer-specific e-commerce experience and create mass customization product lines.

Invertex has also done work with Nike.

Times of Israel published a piece about Nike and Invertex working together. The piece said, “The Tel Aviv-based startup has developed a technology that it hopes will revolutionize the way people buy shoes, using artificial intelligence and 3D imaging technology to analyze users’ feet in stores and to suggest models and sizes that would fit best. The software can also help with online shopping, enabling smartphones to scan feet via an app and making suggestions about what would be the best buy.”


Weisz’s work and projects have been published through several channels of media, both online and offline.


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